Visit to Belmar Beach NJ on 04-Sep-2020

Visited the Belmar Beach along with Paliwals and Shahs very early in the morning to enjoy the panoramic sunrise. Reached at 05-15 AM just before the sunrise and enjoyed the sunrise first time in USA. There wasn’t much crowd as we reached very early morning. So somewhat consolation in COVID-19 time…

Belmar is a popular vacation destination joyed because of its natural and recreational resources and close proximity to New York and Philadelphia. It features wide beaches for sunbathing, surfing, swimming, and fishing. The boardwalk and town offer shops, restaurants, an active arts scene, sporting events, festivals, and a variety of family-oriented activities (see “Annual Events” below). Belmar sits on the south side of the Shark River and boasts a large municipal marina in the bay and on the inlet itself, including the only private marina in town, Seaport Inlet Marina.

Spent about an hour at Jane Magovern’s Playground near Silver Lake. The play ground is equipped with quit a few games.

Fantastic morning, enjoyed the sunrise thoroughly !!!

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