Visit to Dattatreya Temple on Girnar Peak on 7 Jan-2019

A visit to Guru Dattatreya Temple, Girnar Peak was organized by Durg Malhar Treks and Tours in Jan, 2019. Girnar Mountain is older than Himalayas The temple of Guru Dattatreya is located on the top of holy mountain Girnar and takes a tough climb of 10,000 steps. On the way, the devotees passes by from Jain temples around 3,800 steps, Goddess Ambaji 5,000 steps and Gorakhnath around 7,000 steps. Gorakhnath is the highest peak in Gujarat. The climb is quite difficult and testing the mental and physical ability of the devotees.

Our group of 60 devotees started around 12:30 am. Climbing during the small hours of mid-night with devotees with fear of wild life around was creating mix of excitement and fear. The strong chilled wind was making the task very difficult. As I started stepping up the Gir Mountain, as the time passed by, the pilgrims got broken into small groups depending on their speeds. As I approached the Jain temple, I was alone and walking through the so called the Jain temple village was horrifying as no one was in my sight for quite some time say 30-40 minutes in the early hours morning. Walking in alone with no one around wee timings of 2.00 am was somewhat frightening for me. But I continued to walk down relying on my stick and focusing my strong torch to long distance to get better view of the forest and the narrow road.

Once I reached the Ambadevi Temple, I could meet some pilgrims from my group and others. At this point, I thought now I could not reach the Datta Shikhar as I was very much tired, winds were chilling and so strong that the stick was moving with the wind at least 2-3 feet making walking on the steeps difficult. I thought of not going further and mentioned this to our group leader Mr. Bhave, who encouraged me to continue with the words that I have completed the most difficult part and I will surely complete the scaling. Anyhow, I continued to walk slowly with little enthusiasm and slowly walked down about 500 meters of the plain surface and started stepping up towards Gorakhnath temple which was not too high from the Ambaji temple. Once I reached the Gorakhnath temple, one need to step down few thousand steps to reach the base of the Dattaguru Shikhar and a way to the Datta Dhuni. I don’t know but I was feeling very much energetic once I started stepping down from Gorakhnath mount and I was almost running on the steps. Bhave was shouting and telling me that I should slow down, but I continued with my tempo to reach the base very fast.

Again, I started stepping up the steps of the Shikhar (Peak of a Mountain) which were quite steep, but finally I reached and could spent about 10 minutes in the vicinity of the Paduka (Footprints of Dattaguru). Was very happy and cool as well. I was thinking of going for the darshan of the paduka for at least 20 years and now I was sitting there with full satisfaction.

With grit (i.e. a combination of passion and perseverance) and by God’s grace could reach to the peak at 06.00 am in the Dattatreya Temple and was very satisfied and fulfilled at the Darshan of the Paduka. As the space at the temple is very limited, devotees cannot spent more than 10-15 minutes in the temple.

I starting stepping down on my way back to Ashram in Junagarh. On the way, I met the group of 5-6 pilgrims including Sadhana and Kelkar. They had started to mount the Shikahar with a lot of perseverance to reach the final destination

On the way, I reached the Datta Dhuni to take darshana (blessings) of the Dhuni. I took hot food after some rest. The devotees are served with hot meals 24 hours at Datta Dhun which energizes them to return back to their base camp. Really wonder that such Seva ( service) is provided at such difficult place where on sip of water means a lot. Pilgrims are not suppose to throw remaining water but hand over the glass to next one.

Return journey was in the day time and really enjoyed the nature right from sunrise to the bright day in the surroundings of Gir Forest.

On the way, we stopped at the Gorakhnath temple, Amba Devi Temple and the Jain Temple. Relaxed for some time at each temple. The nature was amazing at Gorakhnath temple – while going towards the Shikahar I could sea the sky as the sunrise is approaching and on my way return the nature in abundance in broad sunlight. With birds tweeting, peaks of various other mountains and the greenery was making mind energetic and fresh. Awesome and magnificent scene as I was nearing Gorakhnath Temple.

Last leg of stepping down about 1000 steps was really testing, but returned to the hostel by 02:30 pm dog tired but very satisfied. Thinking of visiting this place once again, may be again and again.

A terrific pilgrimage – tough, tired but serene and fulfilling…. !!!!!

How to reach Girnar Dattatraya Temple :

Click here to see the Google Map

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