Visiting Shri Gondawalekar Maharaj Samadhi Mandir, Gondawale and other temples in the Gondawale since Aug-2001 regularly as Guru’s place for serenity and some peaceful satisfying time. The attachment to the place arose in the mind since the school days when my grand-mother Anusaibai Pathak (Aaji) used to tell about her visits to Gondawale and the ambiance in the Samadhi Mandir.  So as my parents Yeshvant Pathak ( Anna) and Usha used to go to the Mandir especially during the Utsava.  Sadhana, Priyanka and myself got connected to the supra-power naturally and attachment to go to the Guru place developed. We all are the disciples (Shishya) of the Maharaj and many of our close relatives are also his followers.  Needless to say Shri Maharaj emphasized the importance of Ram Nam (Chanting Ram) and practiced it to the extent that he his every cell used to chant Ram Nam every moment !!!

Thoughts of Gondawalekar Maharaj

Temples in Gondawale

Kothi Pooja


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