Visit to York on 26-Dec-1999

Visited to York a very beautiful city in Yorkshire with Priyanka and Sadhana. The city is known for its famous historical landmarks such as York Minster and the city walls, as well as a variety of cultural and sporting activities, which makes it a popular tourist destination in England. Also famous for York Minister and National Railway Museum. Visited both the church and … Continue reading Visit to York on 26-Dec-1999

Visit to Llandudno, Britania Bridge and Llanberis Pass on 25-Dec-1999

A fantastic day out on the Christmas day with Sadhan and Priyanka with a lot of excitement  !!! A day  to remember for life  which was as short day and chilled with near sub-zero temperature. There was hardly any  traffic on the road as people were celebrating the big day at home.  The travel through the Llanbaris … Continue reading Visit to Llandudno, Britania Bridge and Llanberis Pass on 25-Dec-1999

Visit to Guliver’s World, Warrington, UK in Oct-1999

Visited the Gulliver’s world, Warrington UK, a theme park in Warrington UK with Sadhana and Priyanka. A good day out, good fun for the children and adults. Various rides and attractions for the children makes you day entertaining and refreshing. 

Visit to Blackpool in Sep-1999

Visited Blackpool with Sadhana and Priyanka. Blackpool is a town and seaside resort on the Lancashire coast in North West England. The town is on the Irish Sea, between the Ribble and Wyre estuaries.  Traveled by by train and one of the stations was Leyland which is parent company of Ashok Leyand.  Took a short trip in the tram for the first time in the life.  Visible through … Continue reading Visit to Blackpool in Sep-1999