About DY’s Blog

Travelling has been my passion since my childhood and by God’s grace, I got ample opportunities to move around in my country India and other countries. My software and project management profession provided many opportunities to move around places in India and other countries. 

Mantra is to continue with this passion is :
“Travel, fly and voyage for tourism and pilgrimages to enjoy life !!!”

This blog is just some scribbling about my tours and travels as pleasant moments of my life. The blog does not intend to have information like how to reach, where to stay, places of tourist interests, etc. Such information is any away available on the internet or in books or other resources. However, I have provides links to the relevant sites to know more about the places mentioned in this block.

I have been travelling pan-India since my childhood and traveled in Maharashtra, Andaman Nicobar, Andra Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Goa, Karnataka, Keral, Lakshadweep, Madhya Pradesh, Orisa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Predesh and Uttarakhand.

My job provided me opportunities to travel in Dublin (Ireland), Warrington (United Kingdom) and New York (USA). These opportunities enabled me to move around some beautiful places in these countries and some European countries viz. France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. As a president of PMI Mumbai Chapter, I got opportunities to attend conferences in Bangkok  (Thailand), Bali (Indonesia), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Hong Kong, and Orlando (USA). 

This is an attempt to record my personal but interesting experiences as a blog which may be of general interest to all as a traveler.

The passion to visit more and more places continues and still strong. Hope to visit Far East States of India, Kailash Manas Sarovar, Istambul, Italy, Greece, Alaska and so on….

Hope you will find my experience interesting and useful ….!!!

Travel for Fun and Pleasure !!!

One thought on “About DY’s Blog

  1. Hi friend KumarI am happy & feeling proud to visit your Blog. It is one more aspect of your multifold personality that i noticed. Your posts on this site will prove very inspiring & useful for travellers in deciding new travel plan.best whishes for this new activity.Dr.Someshwar Chandole


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