Visit to Junagadh, Girnar, Somnath and Dwaraka in Jan-2019

A visit to Guru Dattatreya Temple, Girnar and Somnath and Dwaraka was organized by Durg Malhar Treks and Tours from 5 Jan, 2019 to 8 Jan-19. The travel was done by railway, bus and auto-rickshaw. Sumant Kelkar, Sadhana and me extended this tour to Dwaraka from 5-Jan, 2019 to 11-Jan-19 and returned to Thane on 12-Jan-2019.

This tour was again a long pending since early 90s and wanted to visit as important Hindu religious places-Somnath being one of the Joyotirlingas and Dwaraka being one of the four pithas.

Please click the following links for  more details about the tour :

Visit to Shri Swaminarayan Temple, Junagadh on 06-Jan-2019
Visit to Girnar Dattatreya Mandir – 07-Jan-2019
Visit to Somnath Mandir on 8-Jan-2019
Visit to Dwaraka- 09-Jan-2019 to 11-Jan-2019

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