Day/06-Visit to Pule, Marleshwar, Dervan on 15-Nov-2013

Visited  the temple of Swayambhu (self-originated) Ganesh in Ganapatipule. this was my second visit to Pule. We could spend 3-4 hours in the temple premises and spend some time peacefully.

Ganpati Idol, Ganapatipule

Shiv Srushti Museum has beautiful carvings done on copper plates, depicting all important events in Shivaji Maharaj’s tumultous lifetime, is quite an awesome event. Artist Sanjay Raul has done wonderful art work and we must appreciate it.

Marleshwar is a place in Ratnagiri district. The Temple can be reached by climbing approximately 300-400 steps. The Shiva Temple is situated inside a cave and has a small viewing platform in its premises from which the magnificent Dhareshwar Waterfalls can be admired. 

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