Day 01 – Rest and Leh Market 10-Sep-2022

The journey started on 10-Sep-2018 from Terminal 2 of Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji around 03.00 am to reach Leh at 06.00 AM. Our tourist guide advised us to take full day rest so as to acclimatize with the Ladakh weather. Key actions were “breathe slowly and deeply”, “Not to have more than 2-3 hours of sleep at a stretch”, “drink a lot of water” and “slow movements while walking”.

So, we took full day’s rest and moved around in the market for about 1 to 1.50 hours. The day was fine except headache and dullness. As a cautious measure, we consumed one tablet of Dimox 250 mg/day till we were in Ladakh (first 7 days) which eventually increased out water in-take and Bhimseni Camphor was also smelled frequently which improved air quality and was better for our lungs and heart.

We were privileged to meet one lady who not only won “The Ladakh Marathon 2022” for 42.195km. We also met one doctor (age 70) a veteran long-distance runner from Morbi (Gujarat) who completed the “The Ladakh Marathon 2022” successfully. Running a Marathon is itself a challenge but running a Ladakh Marathon is even a greater challenge due to a tough race at a high altitude with lower oxygen levels.

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