Visit to Hampton National Historic Site, Towson MD on 22-Nov-2020

Visited Hampton National Historic Site which is about 10-minutes drive from home with Sadhana, Ankit, Priyanka and Myra in Towson MD on Sunday. The 8th-century estate has a Georgian manor house, gardens, grounds, an ice-houseand the original stone slave quarters. The Hampton Mansion was the largest private home in America and is one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in the U.S.Several trees in the estate are more than 200 years old. One surviving 34-foot (10.4 m) deep underground icehouse is visible near the mansion and is open to visitors. Click here for map of the estate.

In 1948, Hampton was the first site selected as a National Historical Site for its architectural significance by the U.S. National Park Service

Numerous outbuildings, including two stone stables, greenhouses, a gardeners’ cottage, smoke house, privies, farm house (1745), slave quarters, barns, and a family cemetery are still extant. 

A Nice Place of Historical Interest …!!!

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