Visit to Rocky Point Beach and State Park, Baltimore MD on 04-Jul-2020

Visited the Rocky Point beach and State Park, Baltimore with Paliwals, Shahs and Sadhana on a long week for Independence day. Due to COVID-19, the parks and beaches are operated at 30-50% of normal occupancy. In fact, we went to North Point and Patapsco Valley State Park but both places were full and closed for entry even before 10.00 am

Rocky Point is a gorgeous 300-foot shoreline of soft sand along Chesapeake Bay. The point is set in a 375-acre park, the beach offers nice views of the bay, Hart-Miller Islands and Craighill Light. There are quite a few picnic areas where one can spent a day in relaxing in beach or park. The facilities at the part allows the visitors to play open-door games, sailing, boating, swimming, etc. Grills are provided to prepare your own food.

A nice spot for a family day out !!!

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