Visit to Annapolis, MD, USA and Thomas Point Park on 08-Jun-2019

Visited Annapolis, Maryland and Sandy Point State Park with Myra, Priyanka, Ankit, Sadhana and enjoyed an evening in the historic city. 

Annapolis is capital city of Maryland and famous mainly for 18th Century brick-houses United States Naval Academy, and Chesapeake Bay. It was temporary capital of USA in 1783-1784. A happening tourist place with nice traditional main street famous for ice-cream, chocolates and fudges. The place has rich heritage of arts, culture and theatre.  Had a good walk on the main street with music playing and market full of tourists, variety of cars and bikes. 

Thomas Point Park is  somewhat  unknown local park in the Annapolis area. from which you can have scenic view of Hillsmere Shores Community Beach, Arundel on the Bay, Kents islands Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and Annapolis City. The place is famous for the fishing and one can spent a good day out, provided the place is the open. The park is not open for the public for most of the time, but we were lucky enough to see this beautiful point. You may need to permit to enter the park. From the shore, you’re able to view the Thomas Point Lighthouse but not very clearly. The surrounding area is full of different magnificent mansions. 
Enjoyed fresh and windy weather on the bay with scenic view around and glimpse of the greenery of the park as we reached the point

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