Day 03- Visit on Ganagapur, Vijayapura, Almatti on 17-Nov-2018

Visited the following places in the Ganagapur:

  • Nirgun Math (Sri Dattatreya Temple) This Math is adorned with the Nirguna Padukas of Sri Narasimha Saraswati 
  • Bheema Amarja Sangam– Shatakula Teerth ( Bhima-Amarja Sangam)
  • Audumbar Tree at Sangam
  • Ash Hill (Bhasma Dongar) : Lord Parashurama has performed a Yagnya here
  • Lord Maruti Mandir and Grama Devata Mandir
Paduka of Shri Dattatreya

Vijayapura  the land of five rivers and the domain of different cultures, is an ancient city. The city established in the 10th and 11th centuries by the Chalukyas of Kalyani was known as Vijayapura (City of victory). Some historical attractions of the city are  the Anand Mahal, Jod Gumbaz, Jumma Masjid, Saat Manzil, and Jal Manzil. also among old houses at Bijapur, the most famous is Elavia House ( Nauzer Elavia).

Anand Mahal is to the west of Gagan Mahal and in the premises of the citadel stands this two-storeyed mansion. This was constructed by Ibrahim Adil Sha II in 1589, exclusively for music and dance. The roof was ornamented with stucco work.

Almatti Dam is also known as Lal Bahadur Shastri Dam with the  524 meters MSL with nearly 200 TMC gross storage capacity and 290 MW power station. Took a round in the township and garden near the temple before leaving for Kudal Sangam and other locations.

Beautiful view of the Almatti Dam from the Hotel

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