Day 01 – Kochi to Kadmat Island on 11-Nov-2017

 We started Kochi to Kadmat Island by MV Kavaratti by 13 hours and it was the longest sea voyage undertaken by Sadhana and me. The topmost deck of the ship was having helipad and tricolor was negotiating strong sea breeze.

We spent 2-3 hours on settling in the cabins and moving around the MV Kavaratti ship to get acquainted with the ship. The ship was having a small swimming pool, helipad, viewer galleries. The cabin crew also explained us the navigational aspect with respect to radar inputs.

As the ship was moving away from Kochi, we had panoramic view of the city, different ships, fishermen boats and so on. The sunset was very nice and the view was without any obstacles. The evenings on the top deck was peaceful and refreshing.

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