Visit to USA in 2015

Traveled to USA to spent some time with Priyanka and Ankit. Was fortunate to see quite a few famous places on the eastern coast in four months’ stay. Traveled more than 16000 km and visited places from Naigara Falls to Keywest Island i.e. north to south-most tip of USA.

Visit to Philadelphia
Visit to Harrisberg
Visit to Pittusburg
Visit to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
Fall Season in Pennsylvania
Visit to National September 11 Memorial & Brooklyn, New York USA
Princeton University
Niagara Falls
Finger Lake
Visit to Flume Gorge, Echo Lake, White Mountainsh, NH, USA
Boston City
Kennedy Space Center NASA, Florida
Miami Aquarium, Florida
Key West Islands, Florida
Lion Country-Safari, Florida
Palm Beach, Florida
Walt Disney Land Orlando FL
Times Square and New York Library

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