Visit to Bangkok, Thailand in April-2007

Visited to attend PMI’s AP LIM. My first international conference marked by a lot of learning about PMI, initiation of consolidation of the Chapters of India and some site seeing. A lot of excitement and fun at the conference.

This conference was characterized by PMI’s India Chapters coming together to deliberate on special pricing for membership for Asia, coordination among the chapters in India and PMBOK in Hindi. Almost overnight discussions on these topics to take them to PMI. Over years, PMI established its India office to take care of India specific needs.

Could move around the Bangkok and do temple tour for one day. Visited Ganapati Temple, Golden Buddha, Sleeping Buddha, local market.

The Golden Buddha, commonly known in Thai as Phra Sukhothai Traimit  is a gold Maravijaya Attitude seated Buddharupa statue, with a weight of 5.5 tonnes (5,500 kilograms). It is located in the temple of Wat TraimitBangkokThailand. At one point in its history the statue was covered with a layer of stucco and colored glass to conceal its true value and it remained in this condition for almost 200 years, ending up as what was then a pagoda of minor significance. During relocation of the statue in 1955, the plaster was chipped off and the gold revealed.

The trip was memorable PMI’s First Regional Conference immediately I took over as President of PMI Mumbai Chapter.


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