Visit to Andaman Islands in May-1990

Visited with Sadhana and Priyanka. First LTC travel to  Andaman Islands. I was working in Bank of Maharashtra and decided to go to the remote place like Andaman and Nicobar Island out of curiosity and excitement of visiting the islands.   

Traveled from Chennai to Port Blair by Indian Airlines. Really wanted to travel by boat / liner, but had to omit the idea as the boats/liners  are chartered and timetable gets announced only a couple of weeks early making planning difficult.  Once we reached Port Blair dropped travel to Car Nicobar after realizing that only one flight in a week for Car Nicobar.

Visited Cellular Jail, Port Blair and saw the sound and light show in the remembrance of Veer Savarkar and other prisoners. Also, visited Jolly_Buoy_IslandChatham Saw Mill, Port BlairForest Museum, Port Blair  and City of Port Blair

Jolly_Buoy_Island is very famous for under water corals and the pristine clear beach. Visitors can enjoy the under water coral view through glass bottom boat. The place is away from Port Blair and no habitats due to non-availability of potable water. Such a fantastic virgin nature hardly disturbed. Enjoyed the sea-water and our  first experience corals.

Major attractions of Forest Museum, Port Blair include the artifacts that are made from timber, gurjan, oak, satin wood and paduak. They reflect the rich and dense flora found in the islands.  The museum also incorporates a mini zoo and a small zoological garden inside the building.

Very memorable trip and wish to visit again to rejuvenate memories of this visit !!!

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